Monday, 11 November 2013

The Value Of Context

A customer does not arrive at your website by chance. Each customer has followed links, clicked on banners, entered in search text, responded to questions and they have now entered your site on a particular device looking for something.

You've got a few seconds to respond before they look somewhere else.

In these few seconds you've got an opportunity to present the user with an experience that captures the user's attention and satisfies their needs. You want their experience to be fulfilling, for example the customer gets information they need, signs up to your service or buys something. You also want them to come back again and again and tell others about what a great service you provided.

To fully reach your potential you need to first be aware of the context of the user.

  • What device are they connecting on? - mobile, small screen, touch screen.
  • Where have they come from? - search terms they entered, banner they clicked on.
  • Where are they? - which country, which city, which street.
  • Do you already know anything about the user? - anonymous vs returning customer.

With each of these contextual properties you have the opportunity to improve the user experience and delivery are more relevant experience quicker.

I’m proud to be part of the SDL team who are creating the technology that brings you the power of context and lets you enrich your web experience for each and everyone one of your users. Via this blog I'll be sharing with you my experience on delivering contextually optimised web experiences and show you how you can use SDL technologies to achieve this.

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