Thursday, 6 March 2014

Context Engine Webinar from John Winter

An excellent webinar from John Winter on our Context Engine. Good overview of the Tridion Context Engine basics along with overview of different mobile web development techniques - RWD, mobile only site & RESS.

To answer to a couple of John's questions...

Q: Why do you need to include discover-min.js in your web page
<script src="js/discover-min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
A: This JavaScript file does client side detection of some context properties, e.g. browser.displayWidth, browser.displayHeight, browser.displayColorDepth and device.pixelRatio.
Q: How do you update an existing device database
A: Run the same command as you used for the database initialisation, except swap the word seed for update, e.g.
java -Xms1028m -jar lib/cwd_engine-2011.jar \


  1. Thanks for the follow-up, Ian!

    A few of us had a related question in terms of what the Context Engine detects client-side. Thanks for explaining the script.

    Also for the seed command to work, I understand organizations also need a small setup with SDL first to grant access (through Support for customers).

    Good stuff! I'm definitely doing research, but any recommendations on learning "cool things you can do" and good practices with the Context Engine (or similar/related technology like say, Bemoko)?

  2. Alvin - more will be following, just wrapping up the contextual image delivery solution (for optimising image delivery based on context - resize / crop / reformat). Looking forward to sharing that with you very soon.